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Jessica Shin (Bride)

I cannot say enough about Veronica on the wedding side.  (I know it's unusual to see a bridal service coupled with spa services, but if you really think about it, the two go hand-in-hand).  If you're looking for someone who will put her heart and soul into making you look like the blushing bride you envisioned yourself to be, then look no further.  

I'd been on the [frantic] search for someone to do Korean-style bridal look (read: natural, glowing, flawless) after a disastrous make-up & hair trial with a recognized (read: pricey) stylist in the industry.  My incredibly thick, heavy locks did not last longer than a half hour in the up-do, and my make-up looked and felt caked on at best with this other stylist.  After doing some internet sleuthing, I realized that I wanted a more light and natural look that the K-bridal industry does so well.  But my search for a stylist to pull that off only led to ethnically Korean stylists who did the same "Western" style of bridal make-up that both looked and felt heavy.  So when I was referred to this little gem and the magical Veronica by my mom's friend whose daughter had recently been married, it felt like an answer to prayer.  

I can only attribute it to her skill, experience and possibly fairy dust, but my updo remained in place the ENTIRE day and my makeup felt light & airy, and did not require a touch-up (outside of the lips after eating)! Though on W-day my make-up turned out more dramatic than I initially hoped it would be, after receiving my wedding photos, I realize Veronica was keeping the big picture in mind and knew what she was doing.  Her artistry really does shine through in her work, but it's her thoughtfulness that takes the [wedding] cake!  It's an overlooked and seemingly unnecessary element but that added touch of sincere care and je ne sais quoi is what made all the difference in service for me.


Sujin Kim  (Bride)

I was blessed to have Veronica as my hair and makeup artist for my September wedding. She has amazing talent and her hands can work its magic! Veronica is such a dedicated professional who is detail oriented to perfection. She was attentive to my face shape, color and the design of my dress so that I would look my best. My makeup was natural, yet had the spark and my face stayed hydrated throughout the long day! She has her ways to make this happen with her tools, knowledge and expertise. My makeup was not cakey at all- which was a huge winning factor for me. Veronica is not only a highly talented professional in her line of work but a sincere, caring, thoughtful individual who whole heartedly wishes for the best of her clients. Women who go to her will truly transform to look their best! I wish I could have her talent and would name her as the best makeup artist I have encountered! Thank you so much Veronica!

Kaoun (Bride)

I got married last October and Veronica was helping me out with choosing the dress and getting hair and make up done. 
Regardless of limited time it was given, she did her best to satisfy my needs and in the end, I was very happy about it. She is helpful and kind. If there are things which you would like and want, be open-minded and ask for some guidance. Marriage is one of the happiest moments in your life and I am sure Veronica and her team will help you get there. Thank you for the great experience.

Anna Kim (Bride)

I was looking for a Korean wedding makeup/ hair artist and my friend found Veronica
I met Veronica for the consultation and she was very personable and caring. She was very professional and down to earth. She understands what I really want and she was willing to be flexible when I asked her to do in a different way time to time!
It was very pleasant to work with Veronica and Sophia (assistant) as they are such a great team!
I strongly recommend Veronica especially if u are into Korean makeup (elegant, natural and glow look ) and won't disappoint at her service.

Mimi Kim (Bride)

Veronica Cho was my wedding hair & makeup artist, she is funny, talented yet very professional. I was looking for Korean wedding hair and makeup artist so bad to make my wedding day perfect since I found other artists can't quite do the look suits my asian facial feature. She gives a good advice and recommendation, but also respects what you want for yourself. Her assistant (sorry, I forgot her name) did hair and makeup for my mom, both of them did an amazing job. I got so many compliments on my hair, makeup and all the accessories I rented from Veronica. 
Thank you so much again for making my day even more beautiful. <3

Ella Park (Personal Trainer ) 

Hello everyone! 
I just want to share my experience with make up artist, Veronica. 
I have met her at one of my friends wedding. Veronica was the general style director of the wedding.

You know what, in Canada the aspects of beauty from westernized  styling is a bit different from original aspects of Asians. 
However, I like the make up style of my friend and then I planed to shoot my poster photos.

So then  I contacted Veronica for make up and hair styling. 
I totally satisfied with what I got from her. 
She is a awesome person but also a good make up artist.

I will be surprised if you see my bare face (without make up looking is a sick person maybe by putting some jokes)

By the way, I am sharing the photos after her touching on my hair and my face. 

If you consider to try out! Just give it a shot!!

Jen Lee  (Bride)

Veronica is an extremely talented and skillful make-up artist. I highly recommend her. I especially recommend her to brides because she will definitely highlight your natural beauty to help you look your best on your important day! As a bride it is so valuable to be able to find a make-up artist that you allows you to relax and that you can trust will do a phenomenal job. Veronica is the epitome of this and meeting her was a blessing for me. I had originally made arrangements with a different make-up artist, and although they were very nice, they did not understand the make-up style that would best suit my asian features and face. Conversely, upon meeting Veronica, she was immediately able to identify what kind of look would most flatter me individually. She understands that the same make-up style cannot be used on every person, but first examines the ideal way to frame your features and takes into consideration different facial structures. Veronica is a professional with incomparable expertise and my experience with her services was wonderful. She is so nice and I truly appreciate the way she made me feel on my wedding day as a bride.

Rowena (Bride)

Veronica Cho is superb-friendly, professional and efficient from the beginning until the end of the service. She is a very talented makeup and hair stylist- she made me look fabulous on our Wedding day :) Thank you once again!

Christina Kim (Makeup Class)

I got a few makeup lessons from Veronica here and she is 10/10 fabulous!
Her teaching is very good and she is very detailed with everything so I improved a lot compared to before. She is so kind and friendly; if anyone is wanting makeup lessons, go to her. She gives so many tips and advice that you will feel so professional after just a few lessons. The lessons were so worth spending money on and I plan to continue taking more in the future.
Also, I am confident that she can satisfy anyone with makeup, so I highly recommend getting makeup done from her on special occasions.                                                     

Nhi Le (Photographer)

As a photographer and having worked with Veronica Cho.

I was beyond impressed with the talent exhibited by Veronica Cho and her team.  

I have no doubt that any clients of Veronica Cho will have any issues if hired for any wedding or event makeup purposes.

Bill Yin (Photographer)

All the makeup and hair styling she did were absolutely fantastic with extra attention details to achieve flawless result. Veronica really is an amazing person and I thank her from the bottom of  my heart for all the amazing work she did .  

I shall definitely be recommending her to anyone who is getting married and  needs a makeup artist!


Veronica asked me if there was particular style I preferred, and she proceeded to apply makeup and hair styling.  She had a very professional attitude and it was clear that she had years of experience.  After she was finished, my hair and makeup looked amazing and I loved it!  I strongly recommend Veronica to anyone who is looking for a makeover, or to add some finishing touches on their appearance for any special occasion.  

Olivia Woo  (Bride)

I had Veronica do my make up and hair for my engagement party and wedding and would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for someone professional and meticulous. I got so many compliments on my look for both occasions!


Angela Kim (Bride)

Veronica did my hair and make up for my engagement photo shoot and wedding.
She is very professional at her job and took all her time to help me to choose my reception dress as well.
If you are looking for an artist for make up & hair, she is THE ONE.
With her service, my day was much brighter and beautiful.

 Susan Jung  (Bride)

100% satisfied with her makeup and hair on my special day! I would definitely recommend Veronica to all my friends who need makeup and hair for special occasions.

Hyunjung Lim (makeup class)

Few times in the last couple of years, I had Veronica as a hair and make up artist. Every visit was for different occasion, and she had always satisfied me 100%. I highly recommend her for all your special events.

Sunny Park (Bride)

Thank you Duk Soo Veronica Cho! you made my wedding. All my wedding shoots looked amazing~! Everyone was giving me compliments on my wedding day. Thanks alot! 

Christina Yang 

I had my hair and makeup done at this shop, she was so friendly and took care of everything for me. Her name is Veronica and she is the manager of this shop. Good service and beautifully done for prom.

Sophia Kim (Bride)

I had my wedding make up and hair done at this place a couple of months ago. The head wedding coordinator, Veronica, has extensive experience in the wedding industry, and she did a perfect job in making sure I looked beautiful on that day. Before the big day, I met with Veronica several times to make sure she knew what I had envisioned. She was quick to understand and was caring in all matters. On the day of, she and her assistant arrived to the hotel I was staying. Her assistant took care of the mothers' make up/hair while Veronica took care of me. Although it felt like she took her time in every step and made sure she asked me if I was happy in each process, they were done and out within the time-frame she had told me and I couldn't have been more satisfied. Thank you Salon De Nuvida for making my wedding a beautiful memory.

Bora Yung  (Bride) 

Veronica did my hair and makeup for my engagement photos and I must say that I was impressed not only with her work but also with her personality. She totally blew my mind away with her skills and ability to read my face to make the best part of my face pop out. All the while, she was the most friendly, professional and relatable person. And I adore my engagement photos thanks to her. Additionally, one thing that I appreciated most from Veronica was her understanding of both Asian and Western makeup styles, which is very rare in the town. For an Asian bride-to-be like myself, this was the most important factor and Veronica is the perfect fit! She will be my hair and makeup artist for my upcoming wedding in April and I'm so excited! I'd highly recommend Veronica to my friends for their special life events. :)

Moonhyo Choi  (Bride) 

Veronica was my hair and makeup artist for my intimate wedding in March 2019 and I had a really wonderful time with her. She ensured that I was relaxed and comfortable while doing her magic on my face. She made sure that she did everything I had requested like covering tattoos on my arms. She was very calm, patient, friendly and needless to say, super professional for the whole time. My husband and I are really grateful to her for her amazing skills and effort to make us happy and satisfied. Everyone at my wedding was blown away by how beautiful I looked that day. Highly recommended! ;-)

Borum Kim  (Bride) 

I highly recommend her for someone who is looking for a makeup and hair artist for any important occasions. Veronica was my bridal makeup and hair artist on this past Feb. She is professional and talented artist. She made me look like having naturally beautiful and balanced face and I was satisfied with her work.

Jenny Louie  (Bride) 

​I decided a month before my wedding that I wanted to book a professional hair and make up artist in the middle of summer. Because I knew I was reaching out to her so close to my wedding date, I wasn't expecting much but from the moment that I reached out to Veronica, she was so warm and friendly. She was also so quick to respond back to all my questions and inquiries. Although she already had someone booked on the day of my wedding, she started her day extra early to get me in. I also got to book a trial with her which was great because I got to test out how long my make up would last for and I was able to let her know of my requests for the day of the wedding. She was able to address all of my requests and I got to feel so beautiful for the full day. She was able to apply makeup on me where I still got to look like myself. I've had make up applications done by other artists before who had no idea how to apply makeup on my Korean eyes. Veronica knew exactly what to do to make them look great. AND my hair and makeup lasted for 12+ hours in summer! This included being outside all day in the sun as well as, through me crying during the ceremony. I had a wonderful wedding. Thank you so much, Veronica!

Chloe park  (Bride) 

​I had a small house wedding in August 2020 and parents, bridemaids, bestmans and me and my husband got a makeup and hairstyle from Veronica.
From my experience, Veronica has professional attitude by checking cautiously step by step with me when she does make up and hairstyle to make me the best looking by considering what I've wear and my external image.
Of course, we discussed about the specific makeup and hairstyle I wanted to get for my wedding in advance, but I trust her right away once make up started from her professional attitude so I wasn't worried at all while I get my makeup and hair.
After all make up and hair done, I was really happy and appreciated her time and efforts to make me the best looking of myself!
She is not just a makeup/hairstylist, but I really think she is an artist who makes someone best with unique techniques by satisfying customer beyond her career.
She is very humble and respect customer, which makes everyone has a good vibe during her makeup and hairstyling.
Thank you, Veronica! You made me looking perfect for my wedding and it was the best day of my life!

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